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The magazine is now digitized to reach out to a big number of residents in Gurgaon and is available on subscription for free and paid.  With a paid subscription you get awesome freebies and discount vouchers. Just fill up your name, WhatsApp number,  and email address so we can send every edition of the magazine.

Gurgaon Citi-September Magazine 2023


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Gurgaon Citi Magazine June Edition

A Word From The Publisher

Welcome to Gurgaon Citi, the online magazine that brings you the latest stories from Gurgaon, a vibrant city in Haryana. Whether you are looking for news, events, lifestyle, entertainment, or business, we have it all covered in our monthly e-magazine. visit our website and download the magazine on any device. You can also subscribe to get our latest issues delivered to your inbox. Join us as we explore the city that never sleeps and discover its hidden gems.

Ravi Prabhakaran
Media Professional, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant

Complete Series

Gurgaon Citi Magazine

We are thrilled to present the comprehensive collection of Gurgaon Citi Magazine, a treasure trove of stories, insights, and discoveries that celebrate the vibrant essence of Gurgaon. 

Throughout this series, we have explored every facet of Gurgaon’s lifestyle, culture, and community, leaving no stone unturned. With each issue, we have delved deeper into the city’s rich tapestry, bringing you captivating articles, stunning visuals, and thought-provoking features that have kept our readers enthralled.

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August 2023 edition Gurgaon Citi
Gurgaon Citi Magazine May Edition

What Testimonies Saying

A few of the hundreds and thousands of our valued clients who trusted us and took the decision to advertise in our Gurgaon edition. 

We love hearing from our incredible Clients!  Your feedback and support mean the world to us. Here are just a few of the wonderful things you’ve been saying about our  Gurgaon Citi magazine.

Gurgaon Citi helped me establish Riches from Rage Inspire and also my name as a fabric up-eyeler. Over a period, I’ve connected with 1000+ clients. Each of them has been a contributor in my journey. This was made possible in a big way due to the far reach of Gurgaon Citi. The magazine continues to be my favorite medium for advertising in Gurgaon. Wishing them good for extending their reach in Gurgaon.

Pujaa Kapoor

Fabric Wastologist

In 2001, I run my advertisements in GURGAON CITI’s first edition to grow my cab service business. For about 10 years my ads were published in the magazine and I received good business in Gurgaon.


JP Travels

It was 2005 when I met Ravi, founder of GURGAON CITI magazine, at a Delhi- based workshop. To grow my insurance business, I started advertising in the magazine regularly. I’ve been able to generate good business through GURGAON CITI advertisements. I’m still advertising and happy with the response.

Praveen Singh

Insurance Advisor – LIC

In 2002, I decided to advertise in GURGAON CITI as the magazine used to get delivered regularly to my apartment in Sushant Lok Gurgaon. My hobby classes ads offering Madhubani paintings, candle making, chocolate making, etc, generated very good responses through the ads in GURGAON CITI. I discontinued my ads in the year 2006, after I migrated to the UK. I’m now well settled here and conducting Yoga classes, but I am still  connected with Ravi due to his good business ethics and conduct. 

Punam Singh

London UK

Gurgaon Citi Magazine

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Get ready to explore the beating heart of Gurgaon like never before with our exclusive magazine dedicated to this vibrant city.  Gurgaon Citi Magazine is your ultimate guide to discovering the hidden gems, trends, and stories that define the essence of Gurgaon. 

Step into the world of Gurgaon’s thriving culture, buzzing nightlife, and fascinating lifestyle. Our magazine will take you on a captivating journey through the city’s diverse neighborhoods, showcasing the best in dining, shopping, entertainment, and more